January 25, 2013

Stained Glass Card 2

I wanted to try a stained glass card where the 'iron' contrasted, so came up with this white backed card. For this one I put the die on the front and back, so it would look good inside and cover the specialty paper, but didn't quite line my frames up properly so there's a bit of overlap.  Ah well, can't do everything perfectly the first time.

I used a flourish from a German stamp set I bought to surround the medallion, reflecting it on one side.  The reflection came through very light so I went over it with a black marker, which meant going over the other one too.  Again, there's no sentiment as I don't know what to use this for (but I'll think of something).

Cardstock: Recollections
Dies: Spellbinders - medallions 4, fancy framed tags 2
specialty papers

1 comment:

Karin said...

i like the black and white contrast a lot!