January 16, 2013

Papertrey Ink Contest Winner

I am absolutely jumping for joy right now.  For years I've been an admirer of Papertrey Ink's stamps and dies, and entering their monthly release contests.  I've wanted to order from them for ages, but their shipping costs to Canada are high, so I've had to justify the buy by making it large and could never make myself do it (what with all the other craft purchases I've been making).

Well, today I'm one of their contest winners!!!

I cannot believe how lucky I am.  I am so happy right now I'm literally jumping up and down for joy.

When I calm down some I'll start looking through their catalogue again.  :D  I feel so incredibly blessed.


Karin said...

Woo Hoo, lucky you!!!!!!!!!

Have fun shopping :)

Karin said...

is it papertry or papertrey?

Jessica Strider said...

Papertrey. Whoops. So excited I didn't type it correctly. Sorry about that. I've fixed it.
I actually have a list of stamps I want from them already. I really love their stuff. I'm going to have to start sending 'thinking of you' cards or something to get rid of all the cards I'm making now. :P Gotta use all this awesome stuff.