January 24, 2013

Stained Glass Card 1

A while back I posted a card with a medallion shaped window.  Well, here's where the window came from.  I was trying to make a medallion card, and messed it up and so ended up cutting the medallion out so as to not waste it.  (It's Spellbinders D-lites Medallions 4).

I used specialty paper from Germany to do the stained glass effect.  It's halfway between wax paper and tissue paper in consistency, but allows light through beautifully.

I hand cut the circle out of both blue and red paper (muffing the blue one a bit so there's a tiny sliver where there's no paper), with one combo for today's card and the reverse for tomorrow's.

Here's what I made of the card:

I cut the flourishes on the Silhouette and die cut the tag (Spellbinders Fancy Framed Tags 2).  The flowers are from the dollar store (my rose dies hadn't come and I wanted to try adding flowers to a card).  I haven't put a sentiment on yet, as I'm not sure what I'll use this for yet.


Karin said...

very nice! Katrina is hoping you'll do a pokemon card soon.

Jessica Strider said...

I haven't drawn pokemon since university, when I did Tom's pictures. Is she a fan of the show, then?

Karin said...

she likes to watch the shows with tom on the net. we didn't get them when we had tv. I don't know if they are on tv. She has one of tom's pic's hanging in her room.

patty said...

flowers! :D