January 1, 2013

Crafty Resolutions

Well, I hope everyone had a nice New Year's Eve.  Now that the new year's begun, it's time to think of what we want to achieve this year.  I've found if I don't make goals I don't accomplish them, so here goes (note, I decided my resolutions were too generic so I've edited this post to make them more specific, and thereby easier to judge whether I'm achieving them or not):

1. learn new crafting techniques
    - how to make paper flowers
    - use more fancy ribbons and pins on my projects
    - use my new die cuts on cards
    - learn paper folding techniques from the craft book I got for Christmas
2. practice the techniques I've already learned and master them
    - improve my 'ink painting' (or is that called sponging?)
    - keep making some clean and simple designs but also make some fancier designs
    - do more ink resist cards
    - make my own patterned papers
3. use products from my stash (the ones I tend to forget I own)
    - shaped buttons
    - patterned and specialty papers
    - beads
    - background stamps
    - stickers
    - rub ons
4. start drawing and using pencil crayons again
5. use watercolours or acrylics on my cards or paint actual pictures again
6. have fun!
7. keep my crafting area clean

Now to put this list next to my crafting table so I remember these. :)

What are your resolutions for the year, crafty or otherwise?


Karin said...

do the toastmaster program. ive already paid so now comes the not so fun part- doing it.

read 1000 books-ive ot 979 or so, but didn't make the thousand before new years day, so it'll be for this yr.

patty said...

I know you're working on the flowers now. I'm looking forward to seeing how those work!