January 10, 2013

Fluorescent Style

I made this card for Faber-Castell: Design Memory Craft's January challenge: 


Document your creative resolution(s) for 2013 in some form of art.

The first challenge I faced was finding something from Faber-Castell to do the challenge with (as it didn't seem right to not use one of their products. The first thing that came to mind were these:
Yes, those are fluorescent Color Lites pencil crayons.  My father bought them for me in West Germany back when I was a child (and there was a West Germany).  I loved them so much I tried not to use them, because once they were gone they'd be gone for good.

So, what are the resolutions I'm fulfilling with this card?  
1. use more (homemade) flowers on cards
2. use fancy paper for backgrounds (ok, post it notes aren't 'fancy', but it is an unusual choice for me)
3. push my boundaries and craft in ways I'm not entirely comfortable with (fluorescents fit that bill)

I used the pink to colour crepe paper (the rolls you hang from the ceiling for birthday parties) and punched out flowers.  A also used the pencil crayons (all but the orange) to colour my girl.  

I painted over dollar store rhinestones with glow in the dark fluorescent yellow nail polish for the centers of the flowers, so they'd match the theme, and used post it notes for the backing/framing (both yellow and pink).  And yes, I used a tape runner on them, knowing their own stickiness wouldn't hold up.  Finally I tied a very bright fluorescent green ribbon on the bottom.  Voila.

And here's a close-up of the flowers and her face.

I was a little afraid the fluorescents would burn your eyes when I came up with this idea, and if the colours were all as bright as that ribbon, it would.  But I'm really happy with how this card turned out.

I would love it if Faber-Castell brought these pencil crayons back (I'm assuming they're no longer available as I looked for them in Germany last year and couldn't find them).  I'd also like to get some of the new Faber-Castell Gelatos.  They look pretty cool. :)

Papers: Recollections cardstock, post-it notes, crepe paper
Stamp: There She Goes: Sparkly and Bright
Pencil crayons: Faber-Castell Color Lites, Berol Canadiana (for the black)
Tween Brands glow in the dark fluorescent yellow nail polish
thin wire (for holding the flowers together)

*Whoops, I forgot to add the link when I posted this.


patty said...

I think it's neat that you still have those pencil crayons! And your dad sure did know what gift you would treasure. :)

Jessica Strider said...

I think it was a lucky guess. While I did do some colouring around that time, I didn't really get into pencil crayons until high school (and didn't use fluorescents for that). These were great for highlighting things in university though. And I love that I still have them now (though amazed I was able to find them).

Karin said...

Very nice!

Have you tried art supply stores?

Jessica Strider said...

I'm pretty sure they don't make them anymore, as I haven't had any luck finding them on the internet either.

SandeeNC said...

I am guessing that your creative resolution is to get Faber Castell to make more of these pencils! Super cute image, great coloring. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)