July 25, 2012

Interactive Cards: Neverending Card

Only a few more cards to go with my Interactive Cards review.  The book is edited by Tanya Fox and includes instructions on how to make a variety of interactive cards, like the Neverending card.  The idea behind this card is that you can keep turning the papers to get to another bit of card in a neverending loop.

The instructions for this card were pretty challenging, one step being the difference between a card that works and one that doesn't.  You have to lay the cut papers in the correct order with glue tape in the correct spots or your card won't work.  While the book had photos for each step, I for one could have used more guidance.  I had to read the instructions over several times and make sure I was doing things correctly before I trusted myself to do this card.

The final instruction, after your card is together, was to decorate.  No tips were given for this rather important last step.  As it was, I'd seen a video on making a neverending card (embedded below), which warned me to be careful how I placed certain decorations (as they're visible from the other side), and I still managed to mess the card up.  Ah well, live and learn.  This is a card where having a real life sample will probably help with future decorating attempts.  I'm also not sure my card was put together properly.  I did follow the book's instructions, but you have to stop and turn the card over to continue looking at all the sides, which seems wrong to me.  According to the video below, I should be able to magically get from one side to the other...

Anyway, here's my card.  For the 'back' I turned the card on its side to decorate, which I don't think I was supposed to do (I was trying to remember the decorating advice on the video, but as it had been a month since I'd seen it...).

I turned the bottom image so it would face upright, but left the inside shot to show that I'd messed up the orientation of the card stamps by turning the card when I applied those images.

(After rewatching the video it's clear that I put tape in the wrong spots, putting it all over the corner squares instead of just the extreme corners.  This prevents my card from doing the flip from one side to the other as a neverending card should do.)

This neverending card video is by two gentlemen who fill orders over at CustomCrops.com (I ordered from them earlier this year and had no problems getting my stuff in a timely manner).

cardstock: Recollections
stamps: Close to my Heart Happy Camper
ink: Memento dew drop
markers: Crayola
punches: Punch Bunch small flower, Studio G mini flower
glitter glue: Studio G (used on the fire and lamp)
sequins were from my stash

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Patty Froese said...

That's really neat! I also looks really tricky...