July 18, 2012

Interactive Cards: Sliders 1

I spent a fair amount of time the last 2 weeks making interactive cards for the purpose of reviewing Interactive Cards, edited by Tanya Fox.  I'll be showing the cards I made and when I'm done that, posting my thoughts on the book.

There are several types of sliders taught in the book, and I did two of them. Today I'll show the first.  To the right is the card I worked from.

My idea with this review was to learn the techniques, but also to see how easy the ideas are to modify so as to let the card crafter's own inspiration shine through, rather than to simply reproduce the cards in the book.

This is the card I made.  I won't explain the technique (that's what the book is for).  I found making this card pretty easy, it works well, looks great and, I imagine, would be a lot of fun to receive.  The slider is the bug, activated by pulling the ribbon up and down.

I didn't have a bug stamp so I drew one, coloured it in and fussy cut it out.  There is red glitter glue on the 'hair' ends, and mod podge over the eyes.
cream cardstock
white doily, coloured black
peel-off border sticker
dollar store candle sticker
dollar store ribbon
gold pen
markers, mod podge, glitter glue


Patty Froese said...

Very cute! What does it say on the inside?

Jessica Strider said...

Thanks Patty. So far, it doesn't say anything inside. I tend to leave that until I know who I'm sending the card to, and write it by hand. I've only got a few sentiments suitable for the insides of cards, and none with a get well soon theme.

Karin said...

Who told you i caught a bug? Caught moths, bees, spiders, mosquitoes, flies...the last 2 i don't set free. They get caught between either my hand or a swatter and some other hard surface. bye bye bug!

Bugs... who wants them?
Nice card Jess!