July 5, 2012

Homemade Wedding Invitations

Yes, that's right, one of my first major card projects was making my own wedding invitations.

After playing with ideas for the wedding, my fiance and I decided on a Japanese theme (because I'd lived in Japan for 2+ years).  I borrowed some books from the library to see what I could do about invites and saw on the cover of one of the books two pop-up bunnies framed by the moon (it's in the bottom right hand corner).
By: Keiko Nakazawa

Well, I knew I wasn't good enough for THAT, but then I thought that the bunnies would make good silhouettes...  A trip to China town got me light blue parchment paper, and I sketched and cut out the silhouettes for the cards.

Voila.  The inside didn't look that professional as I opted to write out the message by hand rather than printing it on the parchment.  My hands didn't thank me for that, as they kept cramping trying to write out all the cards in one night.  Luckily it was a small wedding so I didn't have to do TOO many cards.

I also knew I'd want home made thank you cards, and that after the wedding I'd likely not have time to make them, so, keeping with the Japanese theme, I dug out my shodo equipment.  Shodo is the Japanese art of calligraphy, which can also be used for painting.  I took classes for a while, but never painted with the ink and brushes, so once again I got books out of the library.  I opted for simple designs, mostly grasses and branches.  The only animal I tried was a cat, which turned out pretty well.  All in all some of the cards turned out better than others.  Here's a snap shot of a bunch of the cards.

Making your own wedding cards can be a lot of work, but it also leaves you with wonderful memories and a much more personal touch for the guests. :)  

Note: It also adds to the stress level, so if you're planning a big wedding you might want to forgo this 'pleasure'.

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Patty said...

Your wedding was so uniquely you. It was great! That was a good idea to have the thank you cards ready to go before you even said "I do."