July 10, 2012

Crafting Space

I've been REALLY busy the past few days, so this will be a quick post.  I wanted to show what my crafting area looks like.


Luckily my husband doesn't care how messy I am (within reason).  It's not the best organization (obviously), but I've got papers under the desk, one side of drawers for paper and envelopes and the other for supplies (clear stamps, inks, heavier tools, chalk, punches, etc.).  On the desk are my cutting mat, yogurt container with markers, my Big Kick (for embossing), embossing plates and my 'tower'.  The tower has my light tools (scissors, craft knife, specialty markers/pens), specialty papers (ie, very expensive origami paper, holographic paper, etc.) and my sparkle glues/nail polishes (I'll explain those in another post).

Behind my desk I keep more paper packs and my cutting tool and score board on the floor (note to self: find a better place for these).  I've also got craft (ok make-up) sponges, the paper holder (that's half filled with paper, and has pens, stamps, tape runners and pop-dots, ribbon, stickers, etc. in other drawers.  There are a few plastic holders with beads, sequins, etc.   I also try to sort my garbage into trash and recycling (paper).  Way in the background you can see my Silhouette SD paper cutting machine - which gets its own shelf close to my computer desk.

I've got too many crafting supplies. :)  Which is why I'm always trying to buy more. :D


Patty Froese said...

It looks like a great creative space! Hard to be creative and crafty if don't have things within reach.

Jessica Strider said...

I have to be careful though. I tend to lose things on my desk very quickly. I'll put an item down and then have to hunt for it under scrap paper, around punches, etc. I really ought to clean my desk more often.

Sarah said...

Soooo many supplies!

Where did you get your paper cutting machine and for how much (if you don't mind my asking)? I used to be a more frequent crafter but have unintentionally slowed down (save for the important birthday cards, of course) and have always wanted a paper cutter. (I could watch those paper cutter infomercials for ever!)

Jessica Strider said...

I've been collecting supplies for years. About time I start using them up!

My husband got the cutting machine (Silhouette SD) for me for my birthday last year. I think it was around $200, though price varies by store/brand. I like this one as it's digital, so you don't need to buy cartridges (the way you do with the Cricut, for example, where for $50 or so you get a set number of images). That means I can buy designs from their store (between 50 cents and $1) or make my own. Their blog even gives tips on how to use the machine (I learned how to trace images from one of those). Getting the cutting machine made my cards suddenly look a LOT more professional, and helped me finish my wedding album (which was taking forever as I had to make all the frames, etc. by hand. The cutting machine let me resize them so it went so much faster).

Karin said...

Kind of off-topic. What's the pic in the background? Looks like a phoenix from here.

Jessica Strider said...

It's a painting by Todd Lockwood called Transitions. It's phoenix style, but I think it's meant to be a fire dragon. It's the cover art for a novel by Ed Greenwood (that I haven't read - yet). You can see it better on the artist's site: