July 11, 2012

Essential Tools: Fussy Cutting Scissors

Fussy cutting means cutting out an image by hand, rather than using a die or electronic cutting machine.  It's used a lot, and depending on what kind of stamps/designs you like to use, a good pair of sharp, thin tipped scissors is a must.

I bought mine so I could do my wedding invitations.  Thankfully I decided to splurge on a good pair of cuticle scissors rather than a cheap pair of regular scissors.  Cuticle scissors, as long as they've got straight blades without the nib some pairs have, are fantastic for fussy cutting.  They're easy to get into small, tight spaces.  The only problem with them is that they can bite into your fingers if you use them too long.

Getting regular scissors into the area below the 'chain' would have been impossible. 
Here's a photo of my fussy cut scissors, with a craft knife for scale.


Cheryl said...

Good idea! Thank you for sharing.

I was reading your profile on the side of your blog and it sounds like you have a great job. So fun!


Jessica Strider said...

Thanks Cheryl. I do have a great job. :D Bookselling is so much fun.