October 9, 2013

White on White Christmas Card

I made this card for a clean and simple challenge, but I don't think there's enough 'white space' as it were, so I'm not submitting it after all.

I started out with the white embossed angel idea and went from there.  I wanted something more visible, so I got an embossing folder that had an edge, and cut out the element.  I then stamped and embossed the image (I waited for the embossed part to be sure where to add the angel).  Instead of using my fine white powder, I used a sparkly one.  It may have been clear rather than white (they both look white in powder form), which could be why it doesn't show up as well as it should.  It's not particularly sparkly either, which sucks.

After the angel was embossed I used a tape runner to glue the dry embossed panel to the card.  For the sentiment at the top I used the fine white, which turned out nicely.  If I did this again I'd use the fine white powder for the angel too.

The paper warped a bit because I wasn't sure if the angel had embossed properly (it ended up a bit grainy).  On the other hand, the warp made the heat embossed parts show up better in the photograph.

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Patty said...

I like the white on white. Very understated and pretty.