December 28, 2012

I cleaned my craft room

Well, I cleaned my crafting table last night... which took long enough.  I'll do the sewing table later.

It took a couple of hours to tidy my craft area.  My Bigshot used to stand the other way (perpendicular to the wall), which was fine for embossing, but die cutting really punishes the plates so I don't want to run them through my machine twice, so I needed to turn it.  This caused space problems as it's a rather large machine.

All in all, I think things worked out well.  I added the smaller black tower, which is a cd holder turned on its side, to hold more items (crepe paper, sponges, tape).  I put thin cardboard over the ridges so everything inside would sit properly.

And I punched a dowel through the cardboard tower to the left to hold ribbon.  It's weighted inside the box so it shouldn't fall out.  And it's much easier to find what ribbon I want to use on my projects.

The smaller strips of ribbon and lace in my drawer has always given me problems (especially when my cat comes in and starts eating them).  So I packed them into clear bags according to type of ribbon/lace. I've seen people do similar things by colour, but I figure finding the colour in each bag will be easy, and  I generally know what style I want.

The last change is something I did a while ago but didn't mention here.  As clear stamps are sensitive to light, I decided to move them out of my drawer, where they were stacked on top of each other and therefore hard to dig through, and into a lidded storage box.  I made a divider with a piece of cardboard so there's a compartment for regular and small stamps and another one for really large stamps.  In a smaller box to the front are my embossing plates and the Lego box holds smaller stamps.

Now I'm reading for card crafting again. :)

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patty said...

Very organized! I especially like how your ribbons are on that dowel.