December 18, 2012

Recycled Christmas Cracker Card 1

My sister-in-law had Christmas crackers at our places for dinner last Christmas.  While I enjoyed pulling it apart and getting my prize, I thought it would be a waste to simply throw them out as they were so pretty.  So... I took most of them home with me.  And made cards out of them.  

Here's the first one:
I used the outside part of the cracker for the edging at the top and bottom of my card.  Then I used the main image from another cracker (there were 3 shades so I mixed and matched them) for the centerpiece.

The mini "Angels We Have Heard on High" sheet music was something I downloaded off of a public domain site.  I got the angel from this public domain image site, and the trim from another page on the same site (I did this in January and so can't find the image now).  I used pixelmator to add them together and printed them off really small on a cream coloured resume paper I have.

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