November 21, 2012

Calm Seas

This is a card I made for my dad a few years ago.  It was done after a trip to the Creativ Festival in Toronto, where I picked up a ton of shaped buttons. :)

Originally I had high waves in the water, but wisely smoothed them out as they didn't quite fit the sentiment I was going for (smooth sailing).  The birds were leftover curls from one of my punches and the score lines for the insert frame were added with a stylus and a metal stencil I also got at that show.


Patty Froese said...

I like the buttons--such a tactile addition. Oh, I meant to tell you, my SIL saw some of your cards to me on my desk, and she just LOVED them!

Jessica Strider said...

Thanks, Patty. :) So... I need to make you extra cards so you can give some to her?