October 26, 2012

Winter Deer

I made this card and yesterday's together, trying slightly different things with them, but using a lot of the same materials.  I used a ripped piece of paper to make the edge, which I then inked up.  I added liquid applique on the trees and in a few places on the ground.  The deer are coloured in with a marker.

Cardstock: Recollections
Stamp: Stampendous - Winter Trees
Ink: Memento
Markers: Crayola
liquid applique


Karin said...

beautiful card.... do i get to pick which one of your cards i get for christmas?

Jessica Strider said...

@ Karin - You can if you'd like. Then I know at least one person will like their card. :)

Patty Froese said...

That one is pretty, too! I like the detail, like the snow on the tree limbs...

Karin said...

I'll pick this one... it was a hard choice tho.

Jessica Strider said...

You sure you want to pick one so soon? I may have other nice cards coming... :)