October 2, 2012

Book Review: Pop-Up Cards by Mari Kumada: Ballerina Dancing Onstage

I made these cards several months ago when I got Pop-Up Cards as a review book from NetGalley.  While I wrote down my end review at that time, I didn't write down how each card went, so I'm doing that from memory.

Though the book teaches several techniques for doing pop-ups I only tried 4 of the cards.  Unlike with the other book review I did, with this book I copied the cards exactly, so you'll only see my cards rather than the lesson card and how I modified it.  Given the nature of pop-ups some of the lessons are easier to modify than others.  Today's ballerina card, for example, is unalterable unless you get another book that goes into more specifics on how to design your own pop-ups.  The book includes the instructions to make this card, and the templates you need in order to cut out the curtain and ballerina, but not the instructions to design your own form cut pop-up cards.

This card is from the first lesson, Horizontal-fold Cards with 90 degree Pop-ups: Ballerina Dancing Onstage.

I traced the ballerina template into my Silhouette and cut it out that way.  For the pop-up curtain I placed the template on my paper and cut it out using a craft knife.  Be very careful with the folds, as I accidentally folded the bottom of the curtain where it was supposed to remain flat (the area on the center crease line).

 I used a punch on the end to make the edging prettier and gussied up the dancer with some clear glitter glue.
My main complain with this book is that there are no ideas for the fronts of cards, so this pop-up card is still unfinished.

Cardstock: black - Recollections, pink - light stash paper (dollar store), specialty burgundy? - stash (dollar store)
Punch: Martha Stewart Edge Punch Quilted
glitter glue

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Patty Froese said...

The punch at the edge does make it very pretty. I like that! I'll be curious to see what sort of front you decide on...