October 5, 2012

Cards That Spin: Dahlia

This is the last of the cards I made using the patterns from Mari Kumada's Pop-Up Cards book. There are quite a number of designs in the book that I'm not showing on my blog (like the spiral card on the book's cover).

For this card, Amazing Card 4: Cards That Spin: Dahlia, I had to print the dahlia in red on cardstock and then cut the accompanying pattern out with my silhouette. The two pieces of cardstock are attached with a black brad in the center. The card spins when you turn the red paper that's sticking out of the black cover. This looks awesome when the card's spinning.

Like the patterned pop-up I did earlier though, it's difficult to make your own spin designs, so you're 'stuck' with only the pattern from the book (which, as I said above, looks awesome).

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