October 3, 2012

Sliding Card: Penguin on an Ice Floe

 Note to self, don't leave so much time between making cards and taling about them, especially if they're for a book review.  I remember making this card, but I don't quite remember how the slider works anymore. :(

Again, this card is from Pop-Up Cards by Mari Kumada.  It is from the end of the book: Amazing Card 1: Cards that slide left and right: Penguin on an Ice Floe

I cut the circle tab and penguin on my silhouette, and possibly the ice floe (though I may have done that by hand).  I remember getting the penguin on the folded paper attached to the slider was challenging - not because it was hard, but because I wasn't sure if I wanted the penguin high on the tab or low.  I believe I did that twice as I wasn't keen on the first placement.

I seem to remember that the penguin is on a black folded tab, attached to the pull paper.  The pull tab is just folded paper with a circle on one end.  The slit in the ice floe was cut with a craft knife.
Anyway, here's the card.  Unlike the ballerina from yesterday, this is a technique you'd be able to apply to numerous designs (a mouse up a clock, a cat chasing something, a rocket ship blasting off, a train moving).

In the picture above, the penguin is at rest.  In the bottom picture it's actively chasing the fish that's on the pull tab.  The tab is also a great place for a sentiment (and I believe the example card in the book has one there).

This is a great card style for slightly older kids (ones who can use the pull tab without ripping the card).

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Patty Froese said...

I was just thinking that my son would love that! (And destroy it...) LOL