October 30, 2015

Thank You Card Sets

I decided to make a bunch of Thank You cards and give sets of them away to friends for Christmas this year.  Towards that end, I took a took a look at the cards I've done in the past and recreated a bunch of them with different colours and slightly different designs.  Here's what I came up with.

 I stamped a floral design on my card base (flowers for women, cattails for  men) and then added a punched panel accross the bottom.  I stamped my sentiment and added a punched butterfly or dragonfly as an accent.  I used white ink on the dark pink card (as the other tones I tried seemed to clash too much).  The white ink didn't come out solid, so I filled in the flowers with a white pen (I could have embossed with white as well, but I like how it turned out).