December 13, 2015

Christmas Tree Hot Chocolate Mug Ornaments

I didn't have much time for making Christmas cards this year, so I ended up whipping some clean and simple cards.  I did, however, find some time to make cute Christmas tree ornaments I'd pinned in previous years.  Here's a hot chocolate mug ornament, patterned off the one by Loraine at Breakfast for Dinner.

I wasn't able to find mini plastic mugs, so I took a mini shot glass and used hot glue to make the handles.  I drew a handle on a piece of scrap paper, then squeezed a think line of glue over it.  The glue peeled off well, but was flat on the paper side, so I squeezed a second line of glue on the flat side so it would have dimension as well.  I then glued the handle to the cup.

I painted the edges of the mug with brown paint, then when it was dry, took a circle of construction paper with the edges clipped in and carefully shoved the edges inside the mug while leaving a flat top.  I painted the top and cut a hole.

Once the paper was dry I twisted a red and white pipe cleaner together and bent it into a small candy cane, snipping it to size, then glued it in and glued some white pom poms around it as marshmallows.

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