June 19, 2013

Wedding Anniversary Card

My parents' wedding anniversary is coming up and I wanted to make them a special card.  I used a few new tools on this one, notably the passe-partout oval die and a punch tool (the kind that needs a hammer) with different tips for doing circles, a heart, square and flower shapes.

The top sheet is a shimmery white cardstock, die cut and punched so the gold cardstock underneath shows through.  I used gold for the cut, fold, tuck die cut as well.  The flowers in the center were stamped on the base white cardstock and coloured with pencil crayons.  The 3D flowers were made up of punched hearts (with a regular punch, not my hammer tool) layered and shaped.  I tried several types of rolled flowers before deciding these looked the most realistic.

I made the bow and glued that on the back before putting my layers together.  My main cutting tool doesn't cut quite straight, which is why my layers aren't even.  I didn't have beads for the pin that matched the red I used, so I took some nail polish and painted two to match.  Once dry I put the pin together and added it to the card.

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Patty said...

Very pretty! I'm sure they really appreciated that!