June 20, 2013

Dragon and Castle Card

I made this card last year but never put it up online.  I've decided to give it to one of my brothers for his birthday, so here it is:

The castle on the hill and dragon are both stamps.  I had to extend the hill and plains forward, so the dragon's sitting on something.  I coloured the image with pencil crayons (even the sky, which is a very faint blue).  This was before I got the pencil crayon blending solution, so you can see streaks in the colouring.  For the dragon's horns, claws, teeth and neck I used black and gold gel pens respectively.


Karin said...

Hey, now i'm jealous! How come I didn't get a harry potter card for my birthday??

(this coming from someone who didn't send you a card for your birthday :p)

Jessica Strider said...

I've actually got a child wizard stamp now. Now that I know you want a fantasy style card I can arrange for you to get one this year. :)

Patty said...

I can't tell the parts you drew from the stamp. Well done!