April 19, 2013

Make a Splash

This is a card I made a few weeks back after seeing some nautical cards on the Simon Says Stamp blog hop. (You can see the cards here, they're the second and third one down.)

I used markers to ink up the stamp (by Local King Rubber Stamps), and cut it out.  The lines are just blue cardstock placed over white.  The sentiment is from my mermaid Some Odd Girl set.  I used pop dots to add the octopus to the card.  I like the card, but I'm not sure what occasion I'd give it out for.  Maybe a play/performance? (based on the sentiment).


Karin said...

Give it to someone who's started something new or joined a new club/ group. Starting a new school or new job maybe?

Jessica Strider said...

Oh, good idea!

Patty said...

You must have a box of cards for all sorts of different occasions, just ready to go!