February 12, 2013


My father asked me to get him a book and I thought that was a wonderful opportunity to make a couple of bookmarks, one for him and one for my mother.

I started with a piece of cardstock and stamped some of my new Papertrey Ink, All Booked Up stamps. I punched the hole and added a piece of ribbon and then punched the bottom.  For some reason I had trouble lining up the holes so they'd be even, hence why they're not.  I also need to learn how to stamp straight, as the bookplate stamps are just slightly out of line.  Ah well.

For my mother's bookmark I used Papertrey Ink's Daydreamers flowers.  And here you can see why conditioning your stamps with an eraser the first time you use them is important.  That spotty look to the flowers and leaves?  That's because I didn't remember to condition them (the oils/whatever left on from processing make it so the ink won't cover the stamp properly).
Again, I finished it with the Fiskar's scallop/eyelet punch and a bit of ribbon.


Karin said...

Now I'm curious. He wants a book??? What book?

BTW the bookmarks are very nice!

Jessica Strider said...

It was a book by physicist Michio Kaku. It's about technologies that might become real in the next hundred years and what life will be like then.

Karin said...

ah, that's right, dad likes non fiction.