September 25, 2012

My Stamping Gear Deluxe Kit Has Arrived

Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday...

I know, I was going to wait and see how others use it for card crafting, but I got a 40% off coupon for liking Fiskar's on facebook, which made the kit plus shipping less than the kit on its own.  Hard to turn that down.  And now I can review the set for others. :)

Here's one of my kitties checking it out.  The Deluxe Set comes with both the circle and oval gears and cogs, the stamping tool and 4 sets of stamps.  I'm hoping to play around with the kit this week and next week (next week I've got another set of book review posts), after which I'll get a review up here for those of you out there on the fence about stamping gear.

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