August 22, 2012

Inkadinkado's New Stamping Gear

I stumbled across this product on the Inkadinkado website a few months ago, and just learned that they're starting to be listed in stores (they're not shipping yet).  So, I decided to look into them a bit more and see if I want to try them out.  They've got two starter options, the Intro Kit (comes with the circle cog, paddle and 4 stamps) and the Deluxe Kit (comes with both wheels, both cogs, the paddle and 18 stamps).  There are also 12 separate stamp sets you can buy to supplement the kits.

First though, here's a video explaining what Stamping Gear is.

Basically, they've got circle and oval wheels and cogs.  You place your stamp on the paddle, which has a point that fits into the grooves on the wheels/cogs and allows you to make perfectly symmetrical designs.  They've got a nice technique pdf you can see with more ideas/information.

My concern with buying them is that the base pieces are quite large (the circle wheel is 6.25" in diameter, the oval is 7.5" x 6.25").  Of course, the outside size doesn't preclude stamping inside the shapes, or using the cogs (I couldn't find a size for the circle cog, as it comes with both starter kit and isn't for sale on its own, the oval cog is 3.75" x 2.75". Given the ratios of the wheels, I'd guess the circle cog is 2.75" diameter).  Obviously you could do partial ovals and circles on smaller cards, but I'd be more interested in full shapes, which would be quite limited or require me to make larger card bases.

They've got a number of great looking add-on stamps, petals for flowers, branches for wreaths, sun rays, etc.  I'm also debating which kit would be better to start with.  Obviously the Intro Kit requires less money, but as you can't get the Deluxe Kit stamps outside that set (and I like them better than the ones in the Intro kit)...  Ah well, there's still time to think about it.

What do you think of this new stamping technique?

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