August 8, 2012

A Progression of Baby Cards

Just to illustrate how my cards have improved (and sometimes regressed) over time, here are some baby cards I've made.  I seem to know a lot of people who have boys...

This is one of the first cards I did.  I'm not sure why I thought baby carriages look like Pacman.  Guess it had been a while since I last babysat.  The card's pretty simple, aside from the hanging 'BABY'.

I was much happier with the next baby card I made.  The hanging bibs turned out pretty good, I thought.

I'm a little embarrassed to say I made this card after the previous one, and around the same time.  It's basically shaped sequens glued around a stamped, but not coloured in baby carriage.  The BOY is on patterned paper using a thick silver paint that takes several hours to dry.

Finally, I managed to make a decent baby card.  The patterned paper is from a magazine, and I'd recently bought the buttons at the fall Creativ Festival.

My future baby cards should look better, as I've recently purchased some nice stamps (both pictures and sentiments).  I've also been applying more of what I learned in photography about the rule of thirds and combing magazines for layouts / card maps.

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Patty Froese said...

I think baby cards would be hard. It's a careful balance. The last one looks professional!