December 12, 2014

Stocking Stuffer Treat Bags

Last year I saw some great stocking stuffer ideas and whipped up a few really quickly.  This year I wandered around Bulk Barn with a few ideas and looking out for new ones.  Here's what I came up with:

Returning from last year are the reindeer noses, front left.  Last year I used hard chocolates but I didn't like them that much, so this year I carefully picked through the peanut m&ms at the store (hence the benefits of buying bulk) to find all the brown ones.  The bag looked a bit empty with only 9 candies (8 brown and 1 red) so I added a few more brown ones.  I made a little reindeer to top that bag.

Next to the noses are dirty snowballs.  I used yogurt covered raisins.  I did this one mainly because I like yogurt covered raisins. :D  The tag sports a small pile of snowballs.

The back row starts with yule logs, chocolate covered biscuits.  For the tag I took a piece of brown paper, added some wood grain lines and then 2 leaves and 3 glitter glue berries.

Santa's beard is my favourite.  I was looking for something clever and stumbled on a clear plastic container with a big outline of Santa's face.  Inside, white cotton candy.  Yup, thin strands of spun sugar.  I filled those bags to the brim and still had some left over. :)  These tags took the longest.  I used a punch for Santa's face, hat topper, and beard (a cloud), and hand cut the hats.

Finally, I found these cute white chocolate mints that look like hershey's kisses with their bottoms dipped in coloured sparkles.  Elf hats.  I hand cut the hats for the tag and added a flower sequin for the pompom.

I can't wait to see how these are received.


Karin said...

mmm, can't wait to get mine, lol.

Patricia Johns said...

Those are really, really cute!