November 20, 2014

Sweet Birthday Card

I've avoided using embossing paste due to the expense (both of the paste and for the stencils) and mess, but finally broke down and got something similar, light modelling paste.  I made some stencils of my own using my Silhouette and some acetate sheets, though I didn't use one for this card.  This card was patterned off of this card by Jennifer McGuire.

I started out by cutting my cone and wafer out of gold cardstock.  I then scored the diagonal lines using a score board.

For the ice cream scoops, I put some ink on a piece of plastic (I used a spellbinder's package, as it had edges to keep the modelling paste contained so I didn't make too much of a mess and could easily clean it off), then used it to colour some modelling paste.  The pink dye ink turned out to be too light, so I added some watercolour marker to it (scribbling on another part of the plastic and then mixing the colour in).  I used a palette knife to spread the paste onto the card in the lightly penciled area.  I used another marker for the blue ice cream, after cleaning off my palette.  I pressed the wafer into the paste.

I used the same markers to colour the stamps for the sentiment so they'd match.  A few hours later my card was dry with a very cool almost spongy texture to the ice cream.


Ardyth said...

This is awesome! That texture looks amazing!

Karin said...

Some poor kid is going to lick that!

Patricia Johns said...

That's really neat! I love the texture.