September 26, 2014

Bad Kitty Christmas Card

I bought this french stamp recently of a kitty lying down and it looked so much like it had just done something bad that I had the idea for this Christmas card.  What if a family had a nicely decorated mantlepiece.  What if some bad kitty came by and knocked half the decorations off so it could lie there?

I started by stamping the kitty on a piece of cream cardstock (and realized that I needed to reink my stamp as it came out grey).  I drew in the fireplace and coloured the bricks, then stamped and coloured the fire.  I punched a few circles as ornaments and ripped them (to show they were broken) and added some glitter pen decorations on them.  I put down some string and attached the stockings and punched some pine branches and glued them down.


Karin said...

very nice!

Patricia Johns said...

So creative. I like the story behind it. :)