June 3, 2014

Dirt Bike Mike Card

I made this card for Kenny K's current 'Anything Goes' challenge (they've also got a blog hop with some great prizes).

I printed the Dirt Bike Mike image from Kenny K out around Christmas and then wasn't sure what to do with it.  I started today by cutting it out by hand, keeping in all the extras (mud splatter and speed lines).  I then coloured it with Copic markers (I'm just learning how to use these, hence why the red bled into a lot of the yellow's spaces).  I've only got a handful of markers to try them out and see if I can use them well enough to justify a greater commitment.

I added a few Crayola markers to fill in for greys I didn't have, so the bike's got a bit more colour.

The base card is black (you can't see it as my background is also black).  I slanted the red cardstock on top so it's a little offset.  I embossed the red panel with a flame pattern.  I had a few Silhouette cut gears (in black) leftover from a previous project and punched a few in yellow and then stamped gear images on top so they would look less like flowers (the punch is designed as a brad cover, but I liked how similar it looked to gears).

I also did a triple twist of thin metal wire.

I glued one gear under the red panel and the rest on top, used hot glue to keep the metal twist in place and covered the glue spot with the biker, which was attached with pop dots.

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Regan said...

Awesome card! The wire is a really cool addition! Thanks for joining us at KennyK's Krafty Krew!
Team B{iker Girl}