December 7, 2013

Some Odd Girl Bliss

I've got a new card today, one that's not Christmas themed.  I scrabbled some time together to make this card for Some Odd Girl's See Your Project at CHA contest.  CHA is a big craft show for professionals, so it would be amazing to have a project at one of the display booths there.  I tried to make this card as perfect as I could (and therefore rejected two stamped and inked panels due to smudging).

This was a fairly simple - though time-consuming - card to make.

I stamped the image on white cardstock and die cut it out.  I then, very carefully (due to my previous errors) added ink around the edges, trying not to smudge it or make the colour uneven.

I picked out the backing papers and cut them, using an embossing punch on the corners of the darker page.

Finally I coloured the image and added a few silver and gold highlights and then put the layers together.

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Patty said...

Very pretty! I really like it!