July 12, 2013

Framed Beach

I had this great idea for the sand card challenge that involved using a tropical frame stamp (wooden picture frame with flowers on one corner).  But when I looked at the stamp it was pretty tiny, only large enough to hold a sentiment, not for the idea I had.

So I came up with this, which no longer fit the challenge (CAS) but, I think, still looks good.

I used some wood grain paper for the frame, cut a bit wavy so it would look like branches in a rustic style frame.  For the picture I took some watercolour paper.  I blended watercolour crayons and gelatos with water and then added some glitter glue once it was dry over the brown for a rougher 'sand' look.  I added a few lines for waves in a darker blue that I didn't mix in so much, so you'd get the wave effect in the water.

Finally I mounted the image and frame on beige paper.

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